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Skills and Service Excellence

Manitoba machine shop leverages strong core skills to go from start-up to top performer in 25 years

Explore some strong companies, and you will often find excellent core skills at the heart of their success. It would not be uncommon to find top chefs in the kitchen of a successful restaurant or an excellent plumber at the helm of a plumbing, heating and cooling company.

John Mackow, president of Winnipeg’s Mackow Industries, is a living textbook example. Mackow, who immigrated to Winnipeg from Poland in 1961 at the age of 20, started Mackow Industries, a steel fabrication business, when the opportunity beckoned, at a point when he had proven his ability as a machinist time and again.

He did not start out planning to be the owner of a number of years when CAE made a move to Ontario, Not wanting to uproot his family, Mackow choose to stay behind and bank on his own strong talents and experience to see him through the coming years.

We Offer Sheet Metal Fabrication And So Much More!

Mackow industries offers end to end services – from concept, design and drafting to fabrication and finishing – We make it right!

Custom job shop projects are varied, and limited only by your imagination. Mackow industries manufacture a steady flow of production fabricated parts for New Flyer and Motor Coach industries including weldments , large scale fabrications an quality CNC machined parts.

Bring us your fabrication ideas and our team of design experts and skilled fabricators will render them into a high quality finished product. We are experts in cutting, forming, welding and machining and work with a vast variety of materials including steel, aluminum, copper, sheet and bars.

Whether your project is a conventional or contemporary application, Mackow industries can help. Mackow industries strong reputation has been earned by offering excellent service, outstanding quality and treating our customers well.

State of the art equipment, current technology, experienced and highly skilled fabricators give us the confidence to say – We make it right!